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Monday, April 1, 2013

Gay News Review, part 2 - 9:37 AM 4/1/2013

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Men chat near a horse cart during sunset on the outskirts of KabulGen. Joseph Dunford Jr. says the country isn't ready, but it will be.

A suspicious item was in an X-ray machine at a security checkpoint.

Accused Aurora theater gunman James Holmes listens during his arraignment in CentennialThe man accused of killing 12 at a movie theater will learn if he’ll face execution.

An official estimated the attacker was 16 years old, but he escaped.

FILE - In this Oct. 22, 2009 file photo, weapons and drugs seized in special joint operation conducted with the Drug Enforecement Administration against the La Familia drug cartel based out of Michoacan, Mexico and operating in San Bernardino and surrounding counties, are on display at a news conference at sheriff's headquarters in San Bernardino, Calif. Drug cartels have long been the nation’s No. 1 supplier of illegal drugs, but in the past, their operatives rarely ventured beyond the border. A wide-ranging Associated Press review of federal court cases and government drug-enforcement data, plus interviews with many top law enforcement officials, indicate the groups have begun deploying agents from their inner circles to the U.S. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon, File)The move to the U.S. could render the syndicates harder than ever to dislodge.

via The New York Times's Facebook Wall by The New York Times on 4/1/13
Quotation of the Day: "There’s a tremendous push where if the kid’s behavior is thought to be quote-unquote abnormal — if they’re not sitting quietly at their desk — that’s pathological, instead of just childhood." — Dr. Jerome Groopman, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, on the dramatic rise in the number of children diagnosed with, and given medication for, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

More Diagnoses of Hyperactivity in New C.D.C. Data
Rates of the disorder have increased markedly in the past decade, heightening concern that the diagnosis and its medication are overused among American children.

via Towleroad News #gay by Andy Towle on 4/1/13

Jack Montgomery and his husband Kelly have three adopted kids from D.C.'s foster care system. In a powerful letter and video, he begs the Supreme Court to do the right thing on Prop 8 and DOMA.
Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...
And read along, below:
Dear Justice Scalia as well as your distinguished peers serving on the Supreme Court,

First let me thank you for hearing the historic cases this week on California's Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). My husband, Kelly Vielmo, and I adopted three beautiful siblings from DC's foster care system last year. Being an inter-racial, same-sex family we are used to being conspicuous and sometimes the center of attention on a local level depending on where we happen to be. With the cases being heard in the Supreme Court this week our family is now on debate at the national level. With that said I am following with interest your ruling on these cases. One comment that stuck with me was the speculation of potential "deleterious" effects of kids having same-sex parents. After I looked up deleterious (adj. causing harm or damage) I had to reflect on the harm and damage that has been done to my children. I know that you are listening to these cases from a nationally-scaled legal point of view, but the intent of this letter is to offer you the lens and point of view of one individual family your rulings will affect.

Children who are placed in the care of foster systems throughout this nation have suffered from either the neglect or the abuse of their biological families. For all intents and purposes, we will call this deleterious parenting. Sadly my children were born into these circumstances. They further had statistics against them. The adoption rates of both African American children and sibling pairs (not to mention trios) are greatly reduced. When my husband and I looked at our options for growing our family, DC's Child and Family Services Administration seemed to be our natural choice. We knew we wanted siblings, had no racial preference for our children, and living in the District were able to help our local community at the same time.

FamilyI do not want to go into too much detail of my childrens' history for the sake of their privacy. When our children arrived we welcomed a five-year-old who was not potty trained, a two-year-old who was withdrawn, and an almost two-year-old who never learned to walk. Please understand that there were no biological impediments to the development of these children. Their situation was entirely brought on by deleterious parenting. Since their arrival our children quickly graduated from the need of any additional services to include physical, speech, and play therapy. They are now happy and active members of their community.

I do not tell you these facts to paint ourselves as the saviors of these children. These children have done more for us than we have for them. Having the extraordinary privilege of watching these childrens' souls grow and thrive despite the obstacles placed before them has been the lesson of our lives. I tell this story to establish myself as an expert witness to the effects of deleterious parenting. As you prepare your response on Proposition 8 and DOMA you now have the opportunity to decide what further obstacles will face these children. What are the deleterious effects your decision will have on my children? What states within our nation can these children live in and still declare their family legal? Next year during tax season will their parents have to hire a CPA to determine who and how to list the children as dependents? When the first of their parents passes away will their family's assets and property be preserved and passed between parents as a married family or be treated as legal strangers?

I am not naive enough to think that any verdict of your court will change the opinions or hearts of the individuals we encounter on a daily basis. I accept that the stares our family receives walking down the street on a daily basis elicits both judgment and inspiration. What I do not accept is that the United States of America is willing to devalue my childrens' family more than others and have a separate grouping of laws and benefits. I pray that as you rule on these cases that you keep Cardel (6), Raine (4), and Ravyn (3) in your hearts and do all in your power to keep deleterious obstacles from their lives.

Respectfully Yours,
Jack Montgomery
Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

via Towleroad News #gay by Andy Towle on 4/1/13
Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe pens a powerful piece on CNN about gay players and whether they would be a "distraction" to a team. Kluwe, typically, does not mince words:
Instead of looking at an openly gay player as a distraction, ask yourselves -- how much better would that player play if he didn't have to worry about hiding a core part of who he is? How many more sacks would he have, free of that pressure? How many more receptions? How many more rushing yards?
Fans, media -- will an openly gay player be a distraction? Only if you make it one. Only if you insist on denying someone the freedom to live his own life on his own terms, instead of under someone else's control. Stop worrying about who a player dates; worry about his completion percentage, or tackles for loss, or return average. I can promise you, on Sundays the only thing he's worried about is lining up and doing his job to the best of his ability, or else he's going to be cut (just like any of us).
Players -- Those of you worried about a gay teammate checking out your ass in the shower, or hitting on you in the steam room, or bringing too much attention to the team -- I have four simple words for you. Grow the f*** up. This is our job, we are adults, so would you kindly act like one?
Watch a segment with Kluwe and Anderson Cooper which aired last week, AFTER THE JUMP...

via Queerty by Lester Brathwaite on 4/1/13
Mary Bonauto Esq.The New York Times profiled Mary Bonauto, a lawyer and mother of two from Maine, whom it credits as the woman “almost single-handedly responsible for the same-sex marriage cases now pending before the Supreme Court.”
“No gay person in this country would be married without Mary Bonauto,” said Roberta Kaplan, who argued against the Defense of Marriage Act last Wednesday.
Bonauto had argued and won against DOMA in the federal appeals court in Boston, which Justice Elena Kagan had discussed when she was President Obama’s solicitor general. The court therefore chose Kaplan’s case instead so that Kagan would not have to recuse herself.
The top civil rights lawyer for Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, Bonauto was instrumental in bringing civil unions to Vermont and marriage equality to Massachusetts and Connecticut. According to the Times, she can still recite the first paragraph from the Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling, including the declaration that the Massachusetts Constitution “forbids the creation of second-class citizens.”
“She’s our Thurgood Marshall,” former Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank said of Bonauto, referring to the lawyer and Supreme Court Justice who made history by arguing and winning Brown v. The Board of Education, effectively ending racial segregation in the U.S.
But raising her twin 11-year-old daughters with her wife, Professor Jennifer Wriggins of the University of Maine’s law school, the “serious and unassuming” Bonauto would most likely demur at the comparison.
“That’s not how we experience our lives,” she said. Bonauto and her family can at least experience the fruits of her efforts living in Maine, where voters approved same-sex marriage last year — reversing a 2009 decision she had worked to pass.

via Towleroad News #gay by Andy Towle on 4/1/13
Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin is dismissing remarks made last weekby Seattle Seahawk Christopher Clemons, who said via Twitter that having a teammate come out publicly as gay would be a "selfish" distraction.
BarwinSaid Barwin, who has an out gay older brother, to USA Today:
"I don't think it would be selfish," he tells USA TODAY Sports. "As a heterosexual man, I can't speak to what it must feel like to be gay in the NFL. I don't know what somebody goes through. I imagine its very hard to go through. So I would support that teammate no matter what.

"I don't think it would be a distraction. And even if it was, the NFL has distractions in every locker room. You would work through it like anything else. If somebody had a problem with a teammate being gay, they would realize very quickly that it was something they could get over."

via The Guardian's Facebook Wall by The Guardian on 4/1/13
Is pop too posh?

Sandie Shaw protested to parliament last week that the music industry favours public-school talent.

Sandie Shaw pointed out how tough it is for young musicians, 'unless you’re Mumford & Sons and come from a public school and have a rich family that can support you'.

Is she right?


via Towleroad News #gay by Andy Towle on 4/1/13

True Blood Season 6's first teaser is here to tease, and it's bloody intense.
Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...
Tb2 Tb3

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That's just a tad gay ha nah - 62212_547954148554166_1185772729_n_zps54842c91.jpg

via Towleroad News #gay by Andy Towle on 4/1/13
RoadRupert Everett to play Pope Benedict XVI (and if this ain't, well, it should be):
EverettThe biopic of the life of the adamantly anti-gay former pope, who resigned at the end of February because of ill health, is to be based on a new biography, and will go into production early next year.

The British actor, who like the former pope does not support same-sex adoption and has criticised same-sex marriage, said: “Like the producers have said, I share the view that Pope Benedict lived an extraordinary life and I am excited at the potentially all-encompassing nature of this project.

“His attitude to gays was perhaps a little extreme but any gay person critical of me for taking this role needs to get real. This film will touch the lives of many.”
RoadYouTube shutting down until 2023.

RoadSurvivor renewed but will no longer be holding open casting calls: "The application for Survivor has been removed from CBS.com, confirming that the reality competition will no longer accept applications from the public online or via open casting calls, instead relying on the pool of the few hundred men and women who’ve already competed on the show to fill its casts from now on."
RoadTimes of London: NASA's cunning plan to bag an asteroid.
RoadIs this the world's first cell phone? "The mystery of how a woman could have been filmed while using a modern cell phone back in 1938 seems to have finally been solved. Black and white footage of a young female chatting into a wireless handset - said to have been filmed at a factory in the United States in the 30s - has attracted over 300,000 plays on YouTube. Conspiracy theorists hailed the clip as proof of time travel, citing it alongside other instances of old films that appear to show imagery of modern technology existing years before it was invented."
RoadGmail Blue:

RoadChris Crocker is transitioning into an alien.

RoadSony launches headphones for cats.

RoadFind the fake product at ThinkGeek.
RoadBitTorrent site The Pirate Bay is now The Freedom Bay and has moved its servers from North Korea to the U.S. of A.
RoadFind Captain Kidd's Treasure on Google Maps:

RoadTwitter announces Twttr: "Starting today, we are shifting to a two-tiered service: Everyone can use our basic service, Twttr, but you only get consonants. For five dollars a month, you can use our premium “Twitter” service which also includes vowels. We’re doing this because we believe that by eliminating vowels, we’ll encourage a more efficient and “dense” form of communication. We also see an opportunity to diversify our revenue stream. Here’s our mockup of the most retweeted Tweet of all time as it would appear in the new Twttr.
RoadUnerdwear for nerds.
RoadSushi bar buys gaming company: "Popular sushi chain in Singapore and Jakarta to become world’s first F&B company to acquire a technology startup, in a bold move to venture into gamification and mobile development. Gametize’s CEO will lead Standing Sushi Bar’s technology group while undergoing kitchen training. The company will also introduce a brand new concept bar, Sushitize, where anything from chicken rice to chilli crab, can be ‘sushitized’ to become a sushi."
RoadGoogle Nose:

Elderly Obama And Boehner Daughters Arrive In Time Machine To Demand Climate Action.

via WickedGayBlog.com by WickedGayBlog.com on 4/1/13

via Queerty by Dan Avery on 4/1/13
kevinKevin Keller made history in 2011 as the first openly gay character in the history of Archie Comics. Now the out teen, who has had his own miniseries and ongoing comic, is breaking boundaries (and formats) with a new hardcover young-adult novel.
Due out April 18, Kevin (Penguin, $9.99) looks at Keller’s early years as a middle-school military brat facing the prom, an amorous female friend, and a boy who acts like he doesn’t know Kevin exists.
“This is a book I would have hugged if I’d had it as a child,” says publisher Francesco Sedita. “I hope it has that effect on children and adults today.”
Comics and children’s book author Paul Kupperberg is penning the one-off title. Kupperberg—who has written for SupermanAction ComicsSupergirl, and Superboy,among otherswas responsible for getting an adult Kevin married to his partner in a fantasy issue of Life With Archie.

via New gay images on Photobucket by wiimotocentral on 4/1/13
Machester 2009 (it was a gay festival that day was picked the wrong day to had a nice out) - 53371_167991829898963_1488848_o.jpg

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Mr. Gay World Puerto Rico
For the 1st time in history- the international Mr.Gay World Competition is seeking a representative from Puerto Rico. Competition in San Juan 4/18-4/21

via Gay Puerto Rico's Facebook Wall by Gay Puerto Rico on 4/1/13

Timeline Photos
Official Press Release

House Hoppers International: Welcome To Your Costa Rica Dream Retirement ...
Huffington Post (blog)
When we originally landed in Puerto Viejo roughly two years ago on Costa Rica recon, we received the same sage advice from several people: don't buy til you've been here for a while; rent and see if it's right for you; check out the different areas ...

and more »

Homosexuality and Christianity
Psychohistorically, Christianity can be viewed as a religion of heterosexual protest and domination; as a reaction to its predecessor and precursor: deeply homosexually tinged, although …

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