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Monday, October 28, 2013

The question, among many others, is: who was the inducer and the controller?

The question, among many others, is: who was the inducer and the controller? 

Philip Chism Family Colleen Ritzer Diana Chism Stacy Chism Murder Killer Danvers High School

Philip Chism - GS

Colleen Ritzer - GS 

The motive remains a mystery and police have not commented on why they believe Chism killed the teacher

pouting - GS

n. pl. pout or pouts

(2. His Father is in the Military 
Chism's soccer coach in Tennessee told The Boston Globe that Phil Chism's father, Stacy, was a military man. He added that when his father wasn't deployed, Stacy Chism would attend games, sometimes in uniform.

Read more at: http://www.heavy.com/news/2013/10/philip-chism-family-dianna-stacy-chism-colleen-ritzer/ )

I can see the perspiration on the shining forehead of the bookbinder as he looks up from some brilliant passage, to exchange a smile of triumph with me at having made out the meaning with the meagre facilities we had for the purpose; he had beautiful red pouting lips, and a stiff little branching mustache above them, that went to the making of his smile.
This second remonstrance brings a dark, bright, pouting eye out from a corner of the apron; but it swiftly becomes invisible again, as the apparition exclaims: 'O good gracious
" the little fellow pleaded, with pouting lips that made him look prettier than ever.

Snout reflex

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Snout reflex is a pouting or pursing of the lips that is elicited by light tapping of the closed lips
near the midline.
The contraction of the muscles causes the mouth to resemble a snout.
This reflex is tested in a neurological exam and if present, is a sign of brain damage.
Along with the "suck" and palmomental reflexes, snout is considered a frontal release sign.
These reflexes are normally inhibited by frontal lobe activity in the brain, but can be "released"
from inhibition if the frontal lobes are damaged. They are normally present in infancy, however,
and up until about one year of age, leading to the hypothesis that they are primitive or archaic reflexes.
Frontal release signs are seen in disorders that affect the frontal lobes, such as dementias,
metabolic encephalopathiesclosed head injuries, and hydrocephalus. All of these disorders
produce diffuse cerebral damage, usually involving many areas and systems in addition
to the frontal lobes and pyramidal system, so the frontal release signs are not sufficient for a diagnosis.


Snout reflex - GS

spontaneous Snout reflex - GS



Elicited and more so the spontaneous snout reflex as is evident very clearly on the above photo is the indication of organic brain damage and susceptibility to experience induced deep hypnotic trance. The lip pouting is also clearly visible in the beginning and the later replay of this video

The question, among many others, is: who was the inducer and the controller? Place him in a trance (it should be very easy to do it with him) and ask him all the relevant questions. This pattern is consistent: similar or the same with the most if not all the previous episodes and occurrences. 

Please, also note the strangely shaped (deformed? inborn-hereditary-genetic? post-operative? any devices implanted? - just questions) ear lobe on the photo. Recall the very strange (deformed? etc.) ear lobe in A.A. Thai friend. 

It is also of note that Mrs. Diana Amanda (Barbieri) Chism's place of birth in court documents is listed as Sao Paulo, Brasil.


Snout reflex and hypnosis - GS (I did not see any relevant articles in this search so far.) 


semiotics - GS