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Monday, March 25, 2013

Homosexuality and Christianity

Homosexuality and Christianity

Psychohistorically, Christianity can be viewed as a religion of heterosexual protest and domination; as a reaction to its predecessor and precursor: deeply homosexually tinged, although universal (as a cult of beauty and masculine strength, a cult of male warrior-statesman, introduced by Hadrian as a unifying ideological "mortar" for the Empire), religion of Antinous. The issue and subject of sexuality is one of the central in both religions and in the subsequent developments of religious thought.

homosexuality and christianity - GS

Mike Nova: Antinopolis has to be restored and rebuild and made into a place of pilgrimage, modern worship, scientific and religious scholarship, cultural, and sports and athletic center.

Mike Nova: Antinopolis has to be restored and rebuild and made into a place of pilgrimage, modern worship, scientific and religious scholarship, cultural, and sports and athletic center for both straights and gays. It will have enormous curative, normalizing effect on both the world at large and surrounding Muslim regions, including first of all the tumultuous and searching Egypt in transition. 

Antinopolis Today

Today not much remains of the ancient city of Antinopolis. In its place, El Sheikh Ibada, a small mud village surrounded by the crumbled ruins of what was once a city of worship. There is not much left to see of the ancient city, for many structures were robbed out to make other buildings, such as sugar factories for El-Rodah, but visitors can still see the remains of the Roman Circus and ruins of a few temples. (Stillwell, 1976). There are no current archaeological projects taking place around the former city of Antinous.
Antinopolis (Antinoöpolis, Antinoopolis, Antinoë) (Greek: Ἀντινόου πόλις, Coptic...See More

Photo: Fotógrafos rusos escalan ilegalmente la Gran Pirámide de Egipto para tomar varias fotografías. Via Reddit. Foto 2

Fotógrafos rusos escalan ilegalmente la Gran Pirámide de Egipto para tomar varias fotografías. Via RedditFoto 2

Did Antinous climb the Great Pyramid when Hadrian took him to Egypt in 130 AD? How could he resist? Today it is "illegal" ... but Egypt is in such chaos that a little "baksheesh" (bribe) allows you to get up to the top ... even at night ... like this Russian photographer. The view must have been as breath-taking for Antinous as it is for us ... the lights of the Nile Valley go right up to the desert ... no better metaphor for the divide between the "Land of the Living" and the "Land of the Dead" ... only in Egypt is the dividing line so clear ....