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Friday, March 1, 2013

5:18 AM 3/1/2013 - Gay News Review


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via Big Gay Picture Show by Tim Isaac on 3/1/13
paul-bettanyWhile Johnny Depp has been attached to Transcendence for quite a while, he’s only now getting his first castmate – probably because it’s only in the last few days that Depp has confirmed that he will indeed star in the movie and plans to make it one of his next projects.
Now Deadline reports that Paul Bettany is in negotiations to star in the movie, which will be Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister’s directorial debut. As Wally is the man behind the camera on the likes of Inception and The Dark Knight movies, it’s sure to look great.
The screenplay, written by Jack Paglen, is still wrapped in secrecy (Pfister has obviously been taking a few tips from Chris Nolan about not telling anyone anything). However, it’s rumored that the film is about a group of scientists experimenting with the idea of the technological singularity – the moment where a computer becomes so advanced that it begins to learn on its own and no longer needs an operator. The secrecy also means we have no idea who Bettany might play.
The plan is to shoot the film this April.
Paul Bettany Finds Transcendence Opposite Johnny Depp from Big Gay Picture Show

via Big Gay Picture Show by Tim Isaac on 3/1/13
Mikael-HafstromEven before Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams’ novel Tunnels was published, Hollywood had snapped up the rights and was planning a film version. However it’s taken a lot longer than originally envisioned to get it ready. Now there’a bit more impetus as Relativity Media has announced they have signed Mikael Håfström (The Tomb, 1408) to direct the fantasy adventure book.
Andrew Lobel is the latest to work on the screenplay, taking over from Joel Bergvall & Simon Sandquist. Tunnels is based on the first installment of the novel series, which has sold over one million copies and been published in nearly 40 countries worldwide. The authors have already completed five sequels. with the sixth and final book in the series, Terminal, coming soon.
Tunnels is a fantasy adventure set beneath the streets of London, where two teenage boys discover an incredible, hidden underground world where a secret civilisation has been desperately waiting for a hero to save them all. The deeper they go, the closer they get to unearthing an evil that could destroy the world above and put an end to the lives they once lived.
There’s no news on when the movie might shoot.
Mikael Hafstrom To Direct Family Fantasy Tunnels from Big Gay Picture Show

via Big Gay Picture Show by Tim Isaac on 3/1/13
untouchable-slideLast year Untouchable (aka The Intouchables) became the highest grossing French movie in history, taking over $400 million around the world. It’s little wonder then that Hollywood is interested in a remake. Now Deadline reports that a perhaps surprising name is attached to direct, Tom Shadyac – best known for broad comedy hits Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty, The Nutty Professor and Ace Ventura.
Colin Firth is said to be circling a lead role, but nothing has been set in stone yet. Back in November, it was reported that Silver Linings Playbook star Chris Tucker had showed interest in the movie, but it’s not known if he’s still involved.
Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) is writing the screenplay, which follows an a very rich man who gets paralysed after a hang-gliding accident. He hires a young man with a criminal background to take care of him, forming a unique bond of friendship. The original film was one of the Best Foreign Language Film nominees at the Oscars last weekend.
Shadyac may actually be a better choice than his resume suggest, as he himself nearly died in a cycling accident. Afterwards he left the business altogether, dedicating his life to more altruistic endeavours. If he does end up making the film, it will be his first narrative feature since 2007′s Evan Almighty.
Tom Shadyac Eyes Untouchable Remake, With Colin Firth Circling from Big Gay Picture Show

via Big Gay Picture Show by Tim Isaac on 3/1/13
gary-oldmanWith Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes aiming to start shooting fairly soon, they’re leaving the casting fairly late. Jason Clarke and Kodi Smit-McPhee have already signed up, and now ComingSoon reports that Gary Oldman has joined the cast for director Matt Reeves.
Oldman will apparently portray Dreyfus, who is the leader of the human resistance that springs up after the apes rise to power. The story is set 15 years after Rise of the Planet of the Apes, centering on a group of San Francisco scientists trying to survive in this new world overrun by the apes. The plot also follows the story of on Caesar (Andy Serkis), who is trying to maintain control over his new animalian kingdom.
Matt Reeves is directing from a screenplay by Mark Bomback.
Gary Oldman Up For Dawn of the Planet of the Apes from Big Gay Picture Show

Found on FB page.

> Be radiation> In science class> See aluminium> Go up to speak to aluminium> Pussy out at last second and go straight through aluminium> Gamma as fuck

via The Guardian's Facebook Wall by The Guardian on 3/1/13
Lib Dems hold off Ukip surge as Tories drop to third in Eastleigh byelection http://gu.com/p/3e628?CMP=SOCNETTXT6966

Eastleigh has already produced a plethora of reaction and analysis. Andrew Sparrow will be covering it all in detail on the politics reaction live blog http://gu.com/p/3e62y?CMP=SOCNETTXT6966

The results in full http://gu.com/p/3e629?CMP=SOCNETTXT6966

Photograph: Chris Ison/PA

via The Guardian's Facebook Wall by The Guardian on 3/1/13
Guardian front page, 1 March 2013: Manning: US 'bloodlust' led to secrets leak


Guardian front pages

via Gay Puerto Rico Links's Facebook Wall by Gay Puerto Rico Links on 2/28/13
2.28.13 - Facebook Review

Mike Nova

2.28.13 - Facebook Review

via Gay & Lesbian on 3/1/13
Same-sex marriage gets business support
Signatories to both briefs cover the waterfront, from Fortune 500 tech companies like Apple, Google, Intel and Hewlett-Packard (whose CEO, Meg Whitman also supports the cause) to trade groups including the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, and small construction companies, wineries, consultancies, print shops, a chiropractor in San Carlos and a dentist in Cloverdale. [...] these "amici" are among the leading lights of free enterprise. Besides Whitman, a former GOP gubernatorial candidate, other friends of same-sex marriage include the Walt Disney Co. and Mitt Romney's old stomping ground, Bain Capital. -- By singling out same-sex couples for unequal treatment, laws like Prop. 8 can impede efforts to recruit, hire and retain the best workers. Increased wedding celebrations can mean additional revenue for many businesses - such as businesses involved directly in wedding celebrations, businesses that produce goods often given as gifts to newlyweds, and businesses that benefit from increased tourism from guests who travel to the wedding. The state Franchise Tax Board said Thursday that it will not be sending out back tax bills just yet to approximately 2,500 individuals hit by the sudden elimination of the 20-year-old Qualified Small Business Stock tax break, designed to encourage investments in startups. Responding to a campaign in Sacramento started by small-business owners facing bills estimated between $60,000 and $500,000, the tax board said it would not be mailing bills until early April or later if the affected taxpayers seek a waiver of the statute of limitations covering the years, beginning in 2008, on which the back taxes are owed.

President Obama, Republican Leaders to Meet As Sequester Cuts Look LikelyThe budget ax is about to fall, and there's little lawmakers in Washington are doing to stop it.

Like a Boss! Deal with it.

via New gay images on Photobucket by Jenny_likes_poo on 2/28/13
Gay Stuff - IMAG3155_zps8d6ca61b.jpg

via New gay images on Photobucket by Jenny_likes_poo on 2/28/13
Gay Stuff - 2012-06-06100718_zpsf9b039b8.jpg
These nuts

via Gay TV's Facebook Wall by Gay TV on 2/28/13
Gay Kisses & Gay Love - Movies & TV Series [2]

Gay Kisses & Gay Love - Movies & TV Series [2]

And you, who is your favorite gay couple ?

From: FoQfaan

Views: 116362

225 ratings

Time: 02:54 More in Film & Animation

Gay Kisses & Gay Love - Movies & TV Series [2]

via Gay TV's Facebook Wall by Gay TV on 2/28/13
The Real Wil by Ate Gay on Kris TV

The Real Wil by Ate Gay on Kris TV

Wowowillie - February 15, 2013

From: Kawow Wowillie

Views: 5180

10 ratings

Time: 10:46 More in Entertainment

The Real Wil by Ate Gay on Kris TV

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