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Thursday, July 26, 2012

8:32 AM 7/26/2012 | NYT > Business Day

via NYT > Business Day by By ANNIE LOWREY and RON NIXON on 7/25/12
The Agriculture Department said the cost of beef would increase the most, up to 5 percent, because of the weather and rising prices for animal feed.

via NYT > Business Day by By NICK BILTON on 7/25/12
Dick Costolo, the chief executive, discusses the company’s advertising and media strategy.

via NYT > Business Day by By PAUL GEITNER on 7/25/12
The bloc's competition commissioner confirmed that a case against the Internet giant for allegedly abusing its dominance in search was moving toward a settlement.

via NYT > Business Day by on 7/25/12
The Fed considers new stimulus measures. | How the News of the World editors’ prosecutions will affect British media. | The vending machine business gets a technology makeover.

via NYT > Business Day by By EILENE ZIMMERMAN on 7/25/12
While Facebook has not promoted the storefronts that have popped up on its site, they provide a way for small businesses to sell and to communicate with consumers.

via NYT > Business Day by By BEN PROTESS on 7/25/12
Timothy Geithner learned of banks’ rate manipulation as head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 2008.

via NYT > Business Day by By KIT EATON on 7/25/12
Mastering a foreign language can be difficult, but several apps ease the task.

via NYT > Business Day by By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS on 7/25/12
John Kinnucan, a technology research analyst, taunted government investigators as they inquired about his trades, which proved to involve illegal insider tips.

via NYT > Business Day by By BLOOMBERG NEWS on 7/25/12
JetBlue reported net income of $52 million in the most recent quarter, while US Airways made a $321 million profit and Delta’s net income was $586 million.

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