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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Song of The Headless Horseman

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The Song of The Headless Horseman

Night and day, and day and night 
Rides his horse still, watchful knight 
Night and day, and day and night 

Headless body stiff and tight 
He and horse are iron tied 
Night and day, and day and night 

Mighty sword in lifeless hand 
Like the frozen magic wand 
At his last and deadly stand 

Vaunted trophy is his head: 
As the cup in gold it's set 
Wine to hold and blood to let 

No food and no sleep, 
No face, no upper lip 
Joined he is with horse at hip 

He did take his fate in stride 
And was set for his last ride
When the battle changed its tide

Brave he was, and bold he was 
Steely tree above the straws 
First he fought and first he rose 

Handsome was he, loved by all, 
Loved to love, and loved to brawl,
Lived to live and not to crawl

Shadow of his gloried self 
Golden cup on wooden shelf
Empty frame of strength and stealth 


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