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Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Stone

"Нет на земле твоего короля..."
Анна Ахматова "Сероглазый король"

Nothing but pain, crazy sweet-bitter pain
Blurry sepia trace down memory lane

Blond like white magic of Petersburg night

"Straight as an arrow" was gayish-eyed knight

We smoked some good grass and we walked all the way
Down memory lane on a warm summer day

"You're getting too close", coyly he smiled
I wasn't but distanced myself for a while

"You killed it, you're cold", I hear him say
Down memory lane in a sorrowful sway

Fireplace guard, grayish-eyed knight
Memory lane, cold long night

"You wrote me a poem, you killed me again
You needed the stone on your memory lane..."


1.22.17 - 7.21.15 

the Rosetta Stone


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